OPTIFAST® Medically Supervised Plan

Full Replacement: Five Optifast products per day (800 total calories)

Our most effective weight loss treatment option is the Optifast® medical weight loss plan which uses the proven effectiveness of very low-calorie meal planning using meal replacement nutrition products only. Clients may choose this plan if they desire to lose a significant amount of weight in a way that is safe and produces long-term results. This program option provides the highest level of accountability, education, support, tools and a gradual transition back to eating whole foods. All clients will receive medical monitoring and support, education from the weekly weight loss classes and one-on-one nutrition coaching from the registered dietitian. Comes with Lifetime membership and metabolic testing to ensure long-term weight loss success.

OPTIFAST® Partial Meal Replacement Plan

Partial Replacement: Four Optifast products per day +1 meal per day (1,000 total calories)

This program is a great option for individuals that do not require a significant weight loss, or whose lifestyle would not support a Full Meal Replacement program. This plan combines the use of Optifast® Meal Replacements and 1-2 balanced food meals per day. Your dietitian will provide specific guidance on your food meals, however we recommend using our Nutrition Solutions Chef Prepared meals to ensure best results. You will receive the same educational support and nutrition coaching as the Full Meal Replacement program.

Optifast programs also include:

  • Metabolic testing
  • Body composition
  • Lab work
  • Medical evaluation
  • Monitoring throughout the process
  • Lifetime maintenance accountability package (grocery store tours, cooking classes and weekly lifestyle classes)

After you complete your program, you’ll have a transition period with one of our dietitians to reintroduce whole foods into your diet and give you meal-planning assistance. Plus, you’ll still be able to enjoy all of our weekly classes, cooking classes and grocery tours for life.

If you are ready to begin the program or if you have additional questions, please call (864) 522-2180.