Weight Loss & Nutrition Services

Being overweight can have a negative impact on your overall health, wellness and mental wellbeing. It is important to find a solution that works for you. Every person is unique, processing food and burning calories a little differently. At Nutrition Solutions, we work with you to identify what’s right for you and to make simple lifestyle changes that have a big impact.

OPTIFAST® Medically Supervised Plan

We offer two options for clients who choose medically supervised weight loss with Optifast: 1) Full Replacement: Five Optifast products per day (800 total calories) 2) Partial Replacement: Four Optifast products per day + 1 meal per day (1,000 total calories)

Food Based Weight Loss Plan

This food based only plan (no Optifast® meal replacements) is designed for those who desire complete flexibility with their meal planning. You will meet with the dietitian and she will guide you on a meal plan based on your calorie needs for weight loss.

What Program Is Best For You?

The best results come from providing a personalized experience.

Weight-loss programs include:

Nutrition Coaching

Want a more personalized approach to getting results? Work one-on-one with one of our dietitians. Based on a review of your body composition and metabolic test results, your dietitian will do a complete nutrition and health assessment and work with you on meal planning strategies. Your dietitian will provide a meal plan and together you will develop a plan that ensures you reach your health and weight loss goals.

  • weight management
  • food intolerances
  • physical activity
  • injury risk
  • eating habits
  • nutrient metabolism
  • cardiometabolic health
  • Grocery Shopping Tours

    Healthy eating for a healthy weight starts with a plan. Have our dietitian meet you at the grocery store to teach you how to be a savvy, smart shopper. You will learn how to save time and money, while also ensuring you are purchasing quality foods for you and the family.

    Metabolic Testing

    Metabolic testing is done with a medical device that measures your resting metabolic rate. This is the amount of energy your body needs to perform basic, at-rest functions, such as breathing and circulating blood. Metabolic testing is not only more scientific, but also significantly more accurate.

    Cooking Classes

    Our chef conducts cooking demonstrations for small groups to show our clients how to incorporate proper nutrition into culinary art.

    Body Composition

    Body composition is the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body. A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower percentage of body fat and a higher percentage of fat-free mass, which includes muscle, bones, and organs. Body composition is measured to assess your health and fitness level. Often, you will have body composition measured at the start of a weight loss or fitness program and checked periodically to monitor your progress.

    Weekly lifestyle classes

    Weekly lifestyle change classes teach you the small changes that can make a big impact. A variety of nutrition, meal planning, goal setting and motivational classes are offered each week.

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