Weight Loss? YOU First!

Losing weight requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress must all be considered when starting your weight loss journey, however, diets and exercise alone rarely seem to get at the root of the problem.  Weight regain is common.  Let’s be clear: a person is not defined by the number on a scale. Weight gain is almost always the result of some deeper issue–a sign that things are off balance. Weight gain is a symptom, and so the focus of treatment needs to go after the root causes. 

Weight gain can be a result of biological factors, definitely, but so often weight gain is the result of abuse, trauma, stress, emotional neglect or a combination of these. For women, weight gain can happen when they neglect to put themselves first.  Let’s face it: in our society, women are implicitly told that they should put everyone’s needs ahead of their own. It sounds nice and lovely, but in the end, no one wins.  We need to get rid of this idea that taking time for yourself is selfish. For the women out there: taking time for yourself isn’t just a nice idea, it’s imperative if you want to be an effective mother, sister, spouse, friend, leader in your community. 

SELF CARE.  Day after day, I spend my time pleading women to take time for themselves. Their nutrition and health is suffering, and instead of us having a discussion about nutrition, we’re talking about everything BUT nutrition.  It’s about nutrition and exercise, sure. But more importantly it’s about making sure that you are emotionally being nurtured and cared for yourself.  When you are nurtured and in a state of balance and harmony, it overflows to your daily habits. You find yourself more loving, patient and kind. And weight loss results? That happens because you have the time and energy available to eat well and exercise.  Do you see how it’s all connected? Do you see how it’s impossible to have weight loss stick without self care?  Weight loss struggles almost always come back to self-care.

I should mention that I don’t set weight loss goals for clients, they do.  I try to encourage them to think about a time when they felt the best, which tends to be difficult for many people.  At the root, it’s not about a number on a scale.  It’s about health and being free to live the best version of themselves.  For many, that does mean weight loss results, but again, I think the weight loss is a result of digging deeper.  Weight loss is what happens as a result.

We know the weight loss journey feels lonely and hard.  That’s why we love providing support and encouragement. If you are ready and motivated to make changes, please reach out to us. We’d love to work with you.


About the Author
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach specializing in lifestyle transformation