Lyle Farmer

Lost 104 Pounds!
“I did the twenty one week plan and lost one hundred and one pounds within the twenty weeks and one hundred and four at the end of the twenty one week plan.

A few weeks after finishing the program, I stopped taking all medication for my blood pressure and diabetes. It is now much more enjoyable to see my doctor and I know that it is less likely I will be put on medication like in the past.”

lyle lyle2

Jeff LaPointe

Lost 43.5 Pounds!
“There are many good companies offering decent programs to help get to a better place with weight reduction and management.

The team at Nutrition Solutions is top line head to toe and back to front. Nutrition Solutions takes care of the people they service, beyond the business of the business. They are true coaches and new friends. Thank you for all your help!”

jeff jeff2

Sandra Edwards

Lost 46 Pounds!
“Nutrition Solutions has brought structure back into my diet after being ill for several months and gaining weight no matter what I tried.

Nutrition Solutions brought the necessary balance I needed in order to lose weight as well as have a well balanced meal plan for life.”

Libby Welbourne

Lost 40 Pounds!
“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have
walked through the doors of Nutrition Solutions. I started the program August 1, 2011 and have lost 40 pounds and still working to lose 15 more.

My lab work was showing pre-diabetic and that was my reason for seeking out help. My doctor is pleased and impressed with my improved labs and weight loss.”

Richard Hagin

Lost 38.5 Pounds!
“My experience participating in the 9 week program was nothing short of ‘life changing.’

I have finally taken control of food and my health. Thank you for all your help at Nutrition