Sweet Dreams

Monday Lifestyle Education Discussion:
“Sweet Dreams”
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was out of town visiting family and missed this wonderful class that Chris taught, but he did share his outline with me. I wanted to be there! Chris, help me fill in the blanks. You always have a way of challenging us and making us uncomfortable ????

Do you set safe goals or risky goals? Are you afraid to dream big for fear that you may not reach your goals? It’s a very natural thing to play it safe. One thing that so many of us have in common is past failures with weight loss, or just failure in general with changing eating habits. Change is hard! Many times we are our own worst enemies when it comes to success. The limitations may not so much be about our ability, but rather it comes from the limitations in our thinking. We dream small, and as a result we achieve small. Everyone in this group has barriers and challenges to their personal goals, but often times that’s not what prevents you from reaching your goal. The barriers and limitations come from how we think and how we perceive those barriers. We have to get rid of “stinkin’ thinkin” because it does not serve us. More inspiration? Check out our team USA Paralympic athletes http://www.teamusa.org/…/us%20paralympi…/sports/cycling.aspx

The common reason most of us don’t dream big: FEAR. Whether it’s fear of what people think, fear of failure or fear of commitment to changing, FEAR so often prevents you from running, or walking, over those hurdles. People and circumstances don’t hold us back so much as we hold ourselves back.

Don’t be afraid to visualize the new you. You will find tools and people along the way that will help you get there. Post your comments below:

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