Sustainable Weight Loss

Once a quarter, we invite clients to speak about their successes with weight loss and lifestyle change. How do you define “success?”  Well, it turns out that weight loss success isn’t just about hitting a number on a scale.  It’s much deeper than that.

People who come to Nutrition Solutions have one thing in common–they’re desperate to get healthier.  And that’s about where you could draw the line on similarities.  Each person that comes in receives an individualized assessment and a personalized road map for achieving their health and weight loss goals. Why? Because each individual comes in with a unique identity that includes their goals, values, preferences, genetics, biology and so on.  We firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and our interactions with clients reflect that.

In my role as a dietitian and certified personal trainer, I get to work intimately with clients. I get to know what they want, need, and what matters to them most. Nearly everyone that comes to work with us desires weight loss, but as soon as you scratch below the surface you’ll find that what they want is more personal and nuanced than that.  What clients really want is to return to a place of balance when they weren’t limited by their weight. Over and over I hear clients excited to be able to do basic things like bend over and tie shoes, or ride roller coasters with their kids.  People who get healthy for life realize that certain health choices don’t line up with their values and goals and they commit to the process of change.  This does not, however, mean they are perfect and that they don’t make mistakes.  It does mean that they don’t ever give up and they surround themselves with the right support.

Sustainable weight loss isn’t really about a number, but rather it’s about a lifestyle and a commitment to daily habits that fuel that lifestyle.  At Nutrition Solutions, our mission is to provide tools and professional support to aid in this lifestyle transformation. We have everything from medically supervised weight loss programs, to nutritional genetic testing, and everything in between. We even have a culinary team that will prepare your meals for you!  All of the tools and support are available to each individual at each step of their weight loss journey.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach specializing in lifestyle transformation