Personal Responsibility

Monday Lifestyle Education Discussion:
“Personal Responsibility”
Here’s what you missed if you weren’t able to attend:

The weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey is yours to own. Guilt and shame can cloud your ability to take control of your health. Most “dieters” have tried 5 different times to lose weight before finally being successful. Most individuals affected by obesity have an abundance of nutrition information inside their head. They carry a lot of baggage around about what has not worked in the past, combined with incomplete or incorrect nutrition information shared by the media. To be sure, the journey towards a healthy weight is simple and straightforward: High levels of “movement” (otherwise known as exercise), diet consisting of nutrient dense foods (otherwise known as low-calorie unprocessed foods), consistent eating patterns, self-monitoring of weight, watching less than 10 hours of tv per week and learning from missteps before they turn into relapes. We know this from the tracking of over 10,000 individuals in the NWCR who have lost weight and kept it off. It’s not about the paleo, the coconut oil, the acai berry or even the cabbage soup diet. We call this majoring in the minors when it comes to weight loss. If you want to be successful, find ways to remove all barriers to eating lots of vegetables, beans, lentils, lean proteins and whole foods. Don’t overeat. Remove all barriers to exercise/physical activity. Get good sleep and manage stress. Do these things and success will follow. Unfortunately and fortunately, only YOU can figure out HOW to make it work for you. Support is highly encouraged. Talking to a dietitian nutritionist is highly encouraged smile emoticon Find out how these folks lost weight and kept it off for good: National Weight Control Reigstry

Finally, keep up the hard work. The rewards are totally worth it.

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