What Is Nutrigenomix Genetic Testing?

Personalized Nutrition Assessments.

Receive personalized nutrition assessments and eat according to your genes!

 Now offering 2 Tests:

Nutrigenomix Learn how your genes can affect:

  • Metabolism
  • Mental focus
  • Eating habits
  • Metabolism
  • Nutrient requirements
  • Pain tolerance
  • Motivation

Nutrigenomix  SPORT

Genetic test to optimize performance

  • Comprehensive genetic test consisting of 45 genetic markers
  • Developed by world-renowned researchers
  • Genetic tests based on robust scientific evidence
  • DNA analyzed using a simple saliva sample
  • Personalized recommendations developed based on your unique genetic profile


Genetic testing for Personalized Nutrition

Are you struggling to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

Could it be your Genetics ?

Well maybe you should be working smarter and not harder. Knowing your Genetic Profile may help!

My Nutrigenomix Is Now Available To Study The Genes Related To Obesity.

A simple saliva sample, collected by swabbing the inside of your cheek is all that is need to do this test and give you personalized recommendations of the best weight management program for you. If you think this testing might be right for you click below!