Motivation: Do you have the drive to change your life?

Monday Lifestyle Education Discussion
“Motivation: Do you have the drive to change your life?”
Motivation is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. High motivation is necessary, not just for losing weight, but for keeping it off. This does not mean that you won’t stumble, or fall along the way, but it means you dust yourself off and get back up again. Motivation is more like a never-ending marathon rather than a sprint. Habits are deeply ingrained and unless you have that spirit of perseverance, you won’t be successful at maintaining healthy behaviors. Sometimes you fly, sometimes you run, and at other times you may crawl, but whatever you do, just keep moving.

The “Grind.”
The grind represents the stage in the weight loss journey when you want to give up. Being able to persevere in spite of obstacles in this stage is what separates those who will lose weight and regain it, and those who will lose weight and keep it off. During the grind, you may not be losing weight. You may feel like you are failing. You may wonder if you have motivation. You may feel alone in your journey and you may be facing a mountain of challenges. BUT, if you keep sight of your motivation, you won’t simply turn your back on your goals. A victory in this stage may just be showing up for class… or a weigh-in, or picking up the phone to schedule a dietitian appt. Reaching out during these difficult times is humbling, but it’s the bravest thing you can do.

Do you know what motivates you? Get serious about “why” you want what you want. As always, I encourage you to journal about why you want to lose weight. Please share your thoughts below.

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