Eating healthy starts with a plan. Have our dietitian meet you at the grocery store and teach you how to be a savvy, smart shopper. You will learn how to shop healthy and what foods to purchase and what foods to avoid.

Nutrition Solutions offers personalized weight loss for the individual. One-on-one consultations, chef-prepared meals, and guided by state-of-the art metabolic and genetic testing. Don't just hope you are doing the right thing for your weight loss and body. Instead trust Nutrition Solutions fully accredited nutritional certifications to lose weight the way your body needs to lose weight.

Custom Grocery Shopping Tours

Nutrition Solutions members can attend the grocery shopping tours on the following dates. Locations are to be announced.

JAN 08    Power with Plan Proteins

FEB 19    Carb Confusion!

MAR 19    Meat & Seafood

APR 16    Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

MAY 21    Fruits & Vegetables

JUN 18    Fresh From the Farm (Market Guide)

JUL 16    Planning Meals

AUG 20    Carb Confusion!

SEP 17    Power with Plant Proteins

OCT 15    The Low Down on Fats

NOV 19    Holiday Menu

DEC 17    Culinary Oils