What do I need to do before my first medical appointment?

1. Make sure you fill out the packet of paperwork given to you that has your medical and social history, food and activity history and authorization to disclose information forms. Bring them with you to your first medical appointment.
2. Have your first set of labs done. You will need to have your labs done at least 2 days prior to your appointment.
3. You have the opportunity to purchase an Optifast Sample Bag during your enrollment session. You are encouraged to try the products before starting the program because we cannot accept any returns or exchanges of Optifast products.

When can I start using Optifast?

If on a partial Optifast plan, you may begin the program after your first session with our Registered Dietitian. You will discuss the meal plan in detail as well as any challenges you think you might face while on the program.
If on our Medically Supervised program, you will begin the program after your first medical appointment. Given your medical history and results from your lab work, you will be instructed on how many shakes, bars, and soups you should consume each day.


Do I need to fast before all my labs?

No, you will need to fast for 8 hours before your first lab, if your program is 12 weeks or longer, you will also fast before your final lab. You may have water, or black coffee (no sugar).

What if I forgot to get my labs drawn?

It is important that you have your labs done at least 2 days before your medical appointment. Your labs will be reviewed during your session. You must have your labs drawn before your initial medical appointment, however, if for any reason you are unable to get labs drawn before a follow up, still attend your appointment and get labs drawn as early as possible.

Do I need to make an appointment to get my labs drawn?

No appointment is necessary to get labs drawn. Just make sure you have your lab sheet with you and fill out the information at the top. We will provide a list of Lab Corps locations you can choose from. 

Dietary Questions

Can I drink anything else other than water while I am on full Optifast?

Yes. You can have anything that is 0 calorie, but you need to limit your caffeine intake to 2 cups/day. Here are some suggestions: Crystal Light, Lipton to go, Dasani drops (sold in the Nutrition Solutions Store), and black coffee (with Stevia, if desired.)

What if I have to munch on something or feel like I have to chew?

 It is normal to want to chew during the day. If you aren’t already using the meal replacement bars, use 2 bars/day. If you are still having problems, please address this with the dietitian or medical practitioner.

If I am lactose intolerant, can I still use Optifast?

If you are lactose intolerant, please let us know during your initial medical/ dietitian appointment. We have Optifast products that are lactose free.

Can I still buy Optifast if I am in the maintenance phase?

If you signed up for one of our medically supervised plans you have a lifetime membership upon completion of your program. You must not go below 1000 calories without being medically supervised, so if you would like to continue doing full Optifast, talk with the program assistant about extending your program. Our partial Optifast plans do not come with a lifetime membership. If you would like to continue to use Optifast, talk with the program assistant about extending your program or purchasing a lifetime membership.

Who do I contact if I have a dietary question?

Contact our dietitian by calling the office or email us at appointments@nutritionsolutionsonline.com. 

Weekly Weight Management Classes

Where do I go for classes?

We hold all group sessions in the conference room located in the store.

What can I expect the first time I come to class?

You will enter the classroom, sign in, grab a clipboard, and find a seat. The medical assistant or the dietitian will call your name to get you weighed in. After that, you have the opportunity to place your Optifast order with a store associate to pick up after class has finished.

            * Don’t worry, staff will be there to walk you through your first few times.*

What if I miss weekly weight management class?

If you miss a weekly weight management class, please call to schedule a time to weigh in. If on the medically supervised program, you must not miss more than 2 weeks in a row or your program will be placed on hold. 


Where do I go for appointments?

You will have all your individual appointments in our clinical building in the back of the plaza.

What do I do when I come in for my appointment?

If you needed to have labs drawn, just make sure you have done so at least 2 days ahead of time.

What if I cannot make an appointment, or have to change an appointment?

If you can not make an appointment, you need to give a 24 hour notice or a fee of $25.00 will be charged. You can call (864) 676-1248 or email the Program Assistant at appointments@nutritionsolutionsonline.com. No showing an appointment will result in a $25.00 rescheduling fee.

If I have an appointment one week, do I have to come to weight management class too?

Coming to weight management classes is strongly encouraged. If your driving distance is far, we can try to schedule your appointment on the same day as class. Appointments do not cover the same material that will be discussed in class so attending both activities is crucial for your success in the program.

Am I seen individually for all my appointments?

Your medical appointments and dietitian visits are individual. 

24 Hour Notice is Required to Change Appointments. Call: (864) 676-1248 ext. 1 Email: appointments@nutritionsolutionsonline.com