Cheers! To Another Year of Dieting

My title is a sarcastic one.

Today is January 2nd, 2018. Post holidays, post New Year’s celebration, and post Rose Bowl. I was reminded of two things last night while watching the football game: Americans are obsessed with food, and Americans are obsessed with dieting. In between the food-porn commercials were perfectly timed advertisements for commercial weight-loss diets. I’ve long been aware of the effects that food commercials have on individual behavior. There is a reason they don’t just talk about the delicious (subjective) food, but rather they show you. They zoom in on that juicy burger with the fat glistening in the artificial spotlight. They must show you pizza and show you how attractive, fit people look when they are enjoying that food (calling that food is debatable).  Thirty seconds later, a commercial for a diet that promises weight loss with little effort.  It’s maddening.


As a dietitian/nutritionist, and a personal trainer, and a licensed massage therapist, health is my thing.  Some assume that I am healthy naturally, and that I don’t have to work for it.  The opposite is true. Because I once was SO unhealthy, I decided to make changes and that ultimately led me to pursue training in the health and wellness field. I work hard, very hard, but it’s all worth it.  I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, despite the fact that I. AM. aging. Slowly, but surely, as we all are.  A good nutritionist doesn’t simply promote the latest diet or food fad.  A good nutritionist & health guru understands that an individualized approach is what’s needed and works to educate, coach, and inspire willing individuals to make the tiny, and sometimes, major changes to promote health and disease resistance.  For most people, gradual, but unfailing dedication will produce the results.  What we are more familiar with is the yo-yo diet, binge-purge cycle which is the American way.  Sure, weight loss can be easy.  Many of us can attest to the fact that diets can produce results in the short-term, but short-term results is not truly what we’re after.  Long-term success is what we all want, but few achieve and that requires us to dig deep and be honest with ourselves. It requires a person to figure out what makes them tick. Do you want the instant gratification that comes with eating and drinking the way that everyone else does?  Or, are you after the more sustaining rewards that comes from hard work?  We all reap what we sow, which is to say, if you make the sacrifices, the payoff–the reward will be worth it.

   For 2018, I plead with you to do it differently this year.  Say NO to another diet, but instead commit to a personal lifestyle change.  A life worth having is one defined by how much you THRIVE. For me as a health professional, that can be measured not simply by the absence of disease, but by overall health and wellness. Take it a step further and think about your energy levels, your sleep, and how you feel in your body. Do you feel amazing? Do you feel energetic?  Do you feel empowered?  We can’t control every aspect of our health, but there are many factors that we can control. Do these things for a better 2018, followed by an even better 2019.


  • Eat better–don’t eat junk and cut the sugar. Eat whole foods that are natural.
  • Plan & Prepare your own food
  • Sleep better
  • Manage Stress better
  • Be active and exercise daily
  • Don’t eat too much
  • Don’t drink too much
  • If you are overweight, focus on weight loss
  • Commit to getting support
  • Be more mindful and pay attention to the clues/cues


Lifestyle change is the answer, but you don’t want to embark on that journey alone. Grab some friends, and build up your health team.  Start by giving us a call.  We can point you in the right direction with the nutrition and weight loss, and recommend other professionals to help with the rest.  You need a team. Ready, Set, Go. 2018 comin’ at ya!

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